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Every girl deserves to feel self-dignity and love.  Be clothed in the love of God and grace as we weave together to meet your needs.

We offer services to those girls who are not in a financial position to afford needed clothing.  There are a few different avenues by which you can use our services.  

How to become a client?

How to donate?

​started the journey of flawless360 after god laid on my heart the need to take a stand and reach out to girls in my community who were less fortunate and needed to feel loved and valued.  i felt this was my calling and i could use my talents of fashion and thrifty shopping to create stylisH and fun outfits for girls in need. - Jennifer

What is flawless360?   

Flawless360 is a non-profit organization designed to assist teen girls with fashion needs in a loving and caring way.

We have sizes 0 to 3X.  Everything is not on the web site.  Please email us your size, height and style and we can send you photos of any items not yet logged in.

We collect new and gently used clothing as well as monetary donations.  Please contact us by email to arrange the most convenient donating for you.

Flawless360 Free Clothing To High School Girls.


  • no cost to receive clothing for those in need
  • Many areas in SW washington
  • fashion consultant available
  • interactive shopping website
  • donation opportunities